Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 EU


DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 EU is a combination of instant coffee, cane sugar, vegetable cream and Ganoderma lucidum. A delicious and refreshing drink for every day!

DXN Lingzhi coffee 3 in 1 EU is packaged in small sachets for daily convenient use.

20 sachets

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Lingzhi 3 in 1: Coffee Health Benefits

Dxn Lingzhi Coffee 3-In-1 is specially blended with coffee beans of the finest quality and Ganoderma extracts with no artificial colouring and preservatives. Working pressure and a hectic lifestyle nowadays make people feel stressed easily. Lingzhi Coffee 3-In-1 is sure to be your everyday coffee break. You can enjoy pure coffee in the meantime and absorb the good effects Ganoderma could bring to your health. The convenient pack of DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3-in-1 enables you to enjoy the unique flavour at any time and any place you like. Its Nutrition Facts Per 21g:

Calcium 5.25mgIron 2.29mgPotassium 147.00mgPhosphorus 42.00mgSodium 21.00mgCalories 90.72mgCholesterol 0.00mgFats 168.00mgCarbohydrate 18.50mgVitamin C 15.75mgVitamin B3 105.00mg

Lingering ‘High Energy’ all through the day.

  • Improves ‘Blood Circulation
  • Relieves from Migraines,
  • Low Backache
  • Joint-pain
  • Strengthens Heart muscles.
  • Reduces ‘gasping & panting’ Reduces Fluid Retention.
  • Helps in kidney functions.
  • Relives from Respiratory problems,
  • Wheezing,
  • Sinusitis
  • Bronchitis Relieves ‘Constipation’ and IBS.
  • Improves digestion cycle.

Blood pressure:

Results from long-term studies are showing that coffee may not increase the risk for high blood pressure over time, as previously thought. Study findings for other cardiovascular effects are a mixed bag.


Coffee might have anti-cancer properties. Last year, researchers found that coffee drinkers were 50% less likely to get liver cancer than nondrinkers. A few studies have found ties to lower rates of colon, breast, and rectal cancers.


Two substances in coffee — kahweol and cafestol — raise cholesterol levels. Paper filters capture these substances, but that doesn’t help the many people who now drink non-filtered coffee drinks, such as lattes. Researchers have also found a link between cholesterol increases and decaffeinated coffee, possibly because of the type of bean used to make certain decaffeinated coffees.


Heavy coffee drinkers may be half as likely to get diabetes as light drinkers or nondrinkers. Coffee may contain chemicals that lower blood sugar. A coffee habit may also increase your resting metabolism rate, which could help keep diabetes at bay.

Parkinson’s disease:

Coffee seems to protect men, but not women, against Parkinson’s disease. One possible explanation for the sex difference may be that estrogen and caffeine need the same enzymes to be metabolized, and estrogen captures those enzymes. Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1:
Now you can relax after a day’s stressful, hectic routine – with a cup of DXN’s Lingzhi Coffee. Specially blended with Brazillian coffee beans and Ganoderma extract, DXN Lingzhi Coffee soothes and relaxes while you enjoy the taste and aroma of the world’s finest coffee blend.

This exceptional brew is available in two preparations: Lingzhi 3-in-1 coffee (21g/sachet), a complete variety with creamer and sugar; and Lingzhi black coffee (4.5g/sachet) for those who go for the black and strong type. Lingzhi black coffee is also best for diabetics because it is sugar-free. You can now enjoy a satisfying cup without the harm of artificial flavouring, colouring, or other preservatives.Product Certifications: BFAD, USBFAD, GMP, TGA, HALAL, ISO 9002, ISO 14001, CONPHIL1 box = 20 sachet ( net weight: 21 g / sachet )

The Reishi Mushroom:
Is an herbal from the mysterious Far. Reishi (Chinese: Lingzhi) is the highest-grade mushroom in the world of fungi. For centuries the Chinese regarded it as “The King of all Herbs” for its outstanding ability to improve overall health, enhance stamina and promote longevity. Recent medical has shown that the reishi mushroom can help normalize the functions of the body.

Safe, No side effects:
Consuming reishi does not have any side effects like Western medicines, thus making reishi the ideal choice for continuous consumption. The benefits of consuming the reishi mushroom include: strengthening the natural healing ability of the body, increasing oxygen supply to the bloodstream, detoxifying the body, and its anti-oxidative.

Organic Farming:
The reishi used in DXN Mushroom Coffee has been produced using strict organic farming methods. Organic planting media, such as rice chaff and coarse utilized no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are permitted. A high concentration of reishi is through an innovative cold process extraction that conserves a maximal amount of Ganoderma’s ingredient.
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