DXN Spirulina Tablet 120S


DXN is Malaysia’s first direct-selling company that produces its Spirulina from cultivation to finished product. DXN Spirulina is naturally cultivated from only the very best species (without pesticides or herbicides).

Available in tablets or powder to ease your personal needs.

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DXN Spirulina tablet contains natural spirulina and is a blue-green alga.
- DXN is the first company in Malaysia to produce Spirulina from cultivation to finished product.
- Only the highest quality species are cultivated.
- Purely natural cultivation in a clean pond.
- No herbicides or pesticides are added.
- It is a valuable food for you and your family.
- Available in tablet and powder form.

The best and most secure method to buy this product is directly from the DXN website. Click HERE

Save up to 20% by becoming a DXN member (distributor). Click here to join. 

If You are the buyer United Kingdom, I can sell the product to you without registration. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me here.


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